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The expansion of our Selves leads us into a deeper connection with the universe. Inevitably, we rise. Sometimes, while rising, we get stuck. This is also inevitable. One of the ways to overcome the challenges is to have someone walk beside you who is on the same path; to attune to them while they share what they have discovered on their own search. This person need only be a few steps ahead, but they will show you there is always a way forward and through.


My clients are seekers. They desire to create a most meaningful, wonderful life. They are creative. They are energetically open and sometimes physically or even psychically intuitive. Within our coaching & guidance agreements, new levels of motivation, purpose and clarity are awakened through specific techniques and practices. Gateways to the ancestors open, wisdom which has remained sleeping shines through the eyes, and latent abilities return along with powerful memories. The result is a life of mystery and joy, exciting and energetic. The key is to stir the ancient technologies in your bones, and to integrate traumas as gifts & blessings, transforming them from the shadow state into your wildest service and superpowers. As we widen your reality, we unearth a more activated expression of your Essence.


 In my capacity a guide and healer, I have been initiated and certified in modalities like qhht, bqh, biofield healing, kundalini reiki (master) and core shamanism. My personal spiritual practices are rooted in Shaktism (Hinduism), Vajrayāna Buddhism, sound healing, intuitive bodywork, nature medicine and self-directed compassion. I use all these tools with clients in sessions, along with structured coaching and motivational development, as well as performance and presentation strategies which develop higher embodiment.


If you feel that I might be your teacher, you will have clear insight that it could be possible. Please contact me and I will be happy to speak with you and see what the future holds.

There is availability for contracts through the year, on a rolling basis.

They are 3 months each with a cost ≤ at least 3000 SGD per engagement.

The investment is necessary for the relevant commitment and dedication to be present in our journey 🌸

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