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Thank you for coming here to read about me.

My name is ArunDitha (Arun~Light, Ditha ~ Beloved Daughter) and I am a creatrix. From classical Latin, the word creātrīx means mother, creatress, an authoress of a situation. The creatrix gives birth to her creations. This is how I feel when I make art. So much of my work is born through an experience of pain and joy; inner disharmony. When I write and when I sing, when I move and when I teach, the chaos inside me finds a sense of understanding itself. That which was disorganised is crystallised in a kind of coherence.


My creations are a flow finding their own realisation, eventually transforming into a living, breathing object. To me, everything is alive, even what is commonly perceived as inanimate. In fact, this is one of the fundamental perspectives held within the shamanic worldview, which I inhabit in many ways.

My story is simple. I was born to do this. Perhaps there is some part of you which resonates with a same kind of knowing, that there is a reason for you being here; there must be. Well, the truth is that I make my reason every day. Every day I find a new reason. Every day I face new demons and come out on the other side. Every day I am reborn so I can continue to be alive and whole, to find and make meaning in my existence.

This is the best way I know how to continue when it gets hard. Hope keeps me going. Art keeps me going. Service keeps me going. Joy in the little things keeps me going. Gratitude keeps me going. And today, I share all of it with you so that I can make my universe a more loving, kind and real place. A moment at a time.

ArunDitha Deborah Emmanuel Deborah Arunditha Emmanuel Singapore Poet Spoken Word Singer Musician Healer Shaman Shamanic Coach Expression Self-Expression Public Speaking Mentor Theatre Arts Creativity Teacher QHHT BQH Practice Practitioner University Speaker Speaking  TEDx Singapore

 Once, there was a little girl who was in a lot of pain. Around her raged domestic wars and a thick, sludgy precarity which touched everything. It would sometimes hold her down for days. 

 Her expression kept walking her towards the light. 

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2013 - Present

Performed music with projects like Wobology, The Ditha Project. Mantravine and producer Kiat on large and small stages across Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Barcelona, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Singapore.


2012 - Present

Published two books of poetry and toured two one-woman poetry shows, resident poet at LCB (Berlin) and The Marpha Foundation (Nepal). Resident at The Watermill Centre (Long Island, NY) Commissioned and toured in Germany, UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Barcelona. My poems have been published by Penguin Random House and The Straits Times and i've also shared twice on the TEDx stage.


2008 - Present

Actress for Disney Asia, Singapore Repertory Theatre, Mediacorp Channel 5, pilots and short films, TV host for OKTO and Channel News Asia. Lots of stage and screen experience.


2007 - Present

Trained in performance and facilitation from a young age. Began teaching in classrooms in 2010. I have formally studied Acting, Singing, Applied Drama, Contemporary Theatre, Psychology, Teaching and Learning, Biofield Healing, Various Energy Healing Techniques, Shamanic Practice, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Beyond Quantum Healing. I am always engaged in formal and self-study of something new.

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