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ArunDitha Deborah Emmanuel Deborah Arunditha Emmanuel Singapore Poet Spoken Word Singer Musician Healer Shaman Shamanic Coach Expression Self-Expression Public Speaking Mentor Theatre Arts Creativity Teacher QHHT BQH Practice Practitioner University Speaker Speaking  TEDx Singapore mantravine kiat

selected music

some songs and albums which I have co-created


Kiat and me as Deborah Emmanuel

An 9-track collaboration between bass producer Kiat and I. The original show was commissioned by the Barcelona International Poetry Festival in 2018.

Mantravine at Wonderfruit


Parts of Progenit//er live at Wonderfruit where we opened the Theatre Pavillion stage of the festival

Human and Nature

Kiat and me as Deborah Emmanuel

A couple of commissioned tracks we made which I really loved.

Lokah Samastha


Enjoy this rooftop rendition of our deep and funky song Lokah Samastha which was released as part of our album Śāśvata.

Kaleidoscopic Mind


Filmed during the Study Of Vibration album launch at Kult Kafe Emily Hill in 2017. Both the video and the album launch was funded by the National Arts Council, Singapore.

Study Of Vibration


The only album from my first ever music project Wobology, featuring the efforts of Richard Meade who had since returned to Bristol (you can find his project Whirlin' Merlin here), Rupak George who is still a collaborator with Mantravine, and Eriko Murakami of the New Stream Brass Band.


The Ditha Project

An 8-track exploration and musical project conceived by Luke Johnson and I, while I was living in Brisbane, Australia. The album was funded by Luke and we were blessed to have some amazing musicians work on it.

Deconstruction Of The Self

The Beat Usagi feat. Deborah Emmanuel

A fun collaboration between myself and a friend. I look forward to many more musical explorations with all kinds of collaborators.

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