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"a force to be reckoned with"
- honeycombers

"Her word is interrogative, uncompromising, but, above all, radiantly humane."
- hear65

"tapping into radical ways of artistic expression"

- the peak

"incredible soul and passion in her live performances"
- tatler asia

"a natural talent who wears many hats"
- arts equator

"mastering a whole new level of creative space"
- popspoken

I am a poet, singer and space-0pener. I open spaces with my poems, songs and theatre work. I open spaces within creative and ceremonial contexts, formal or otherwise. I open spaces with coaching clients and for group experiences with Opens. My work exists and lives in material and non-material dimensions. It is simply birthed by my human form.


My performances have featured at events like TEDx Singapore, Wonderfruit and Q Berlin Questions, and have shared stages with poets like Sarah Kay, Luka Lesson and Yomi Sode.

The poems have been invited to festivals like the Barcelona International Poetry Festival and the Queensland Writers Festival and won poetry slams in Singapore, New Zealand, Germany and Australia.

In my time as a maker I've been resident in spaces like Literarisches Colloquium Berlin 

and the Watermill Center.

The writing has been published by The Straits Times, Math Paper Press, Guernica, and Penguin Random House and I've put 3 books out - you can find a couple of them in the writing section.

Ever since I was a young girl, I had to sing. In terms of music, I've made a number of albums and sound works, most recently with Mantravine and Polymorphism.

I am also a founding co-organiser at Opens, a para-academic forum which seeks to catalyse open, critical conversations across local cultures and contexts. Co-creating with aligned community drives me. Collaboration is the future of widespread change.

In recent years, I have been most influenced by Shaktism, Vajrayāna Bhuddism, Shamanic principles, fourth wave feminism and anti-capitalism.

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